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Bats possess extraordinary orientation abilities.

Their unique capability for producing sound echoes allows them to navigate their way in the dark, avoid obstacles in flight, and create unique spatial imaging in high-resolution.

Similarly, at BAT Investments we aim to navigate our way through the investment seas, avoid weaker propositions, and carefully cherry pick successful investments.

Investment Strategy

We invest in early-stage companies (seed).

We want to be partners from the beginning, and help the team to take it first steps.

Aside from funding, we bring value by incorporating relevant connections from the different worlds of our founders and the companies in which we've invested.


BAT Investments was founded in January 2015 and invests initial amounts of between $50-$150,000. In many cases BAT chooses to reinforce its investment at later stages with an additional $350,000, resulting in an overall total of $500,000.

The company partners bring with them rich experience from differing business backgrounds:

  • Born in Brazil, and living in New York, Dr. Bergmann is the CEO and founder of Penso Advisors, a company that specializes in managing hedge funds in the capital market for institutional investors and businesses. Dr. Bergmann has extensive experience in accounting and economics and lectures at Columbia University.

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  • Natan is 36 years old and lives in the Jisrael Valley. He retired from the Air Force after 15 years of active service in command roles. Natan managed the "Seventh Year" project, a socio-economic enterprise dealing with Sabbatical values. Natan has a BA in Law and Economics and an MA in Political Science.

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  • Yair is 38 years old and lives with his family in the Lower Galilee. He is the CEO of Netofa Winery for the past three years. Prior to this, Yair built and managed network photo galleries in England for five years, and has 10 years extensive experience on the practical side of managing a business with regard to marketing and logistics.

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  • Noam is the CEO of a start up in the field of water conservation. He previously served as General Counsel and Principal of Evergreen Venture Partners. Noam has over 16 years' experience in venture capital, start-ups and the high-tech industry. He has dual degrees in Law (L.L.B) and Economics and an MBA from the Technion.

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  • Law Firm

    Shibolet was established in 1973 and is one of the most distinguished corporate law firms in Israel, with substantial international experience in dynamic and evolving market sectors. They are globally minded and the world’s most respected banks and businesses turn to them for support on their most complex and challenging matters.

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  • Accounting Firm

    Our accountancy firm is comprised of partners with decades of experience, operating from 1980 and with about 20 branches all over the country. Horowitz accompanies companies and funds through all the relevant stages, and is considered a leader in its field in the north of the country.

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  • develops and manufactures low bit rate satellite terminals for provision of voice and data services via Ka-Band Satellite network. Utilizing HTS/Ka features, HiSky aims to provide revolutionary satellite voice and data transmission service rates to end customers, while capturing new target markets. Hisky’s easy interface into any smartphone shall provide users to connect via satellite...

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  • Connecteam allows every company to create their own branded, internal company app in just 5 min and to improve engagement, communications, operations and monitoring of all its employees, anytime, anywhere.our vision is to make “Employee Apps" accessible to Low Tech SMB’s. Connecteam Website 

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  • NeoTop Water Systems develops and manufactures the Top Up Ball System™ - a state-of-the-art modular water cover that solves a wide range of problems related to open water storage, including evaporation, water quality, water temperature, algae growth, bird landings and others. The company's technology is also applicable to many fields, including fish farming, water facilities, mining,...

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  • More and more companies are leveraging the advantages of cloud applications. Today Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Administration and many more applications can be consumed from the cloud: simple, efficient and cost effective. However, who ensures that my data stored in the cloud are really safe and secure? Is trusting the cloud application vendor my only option? e3 has...

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  • bitemojo is a world tourism application providing individuals and small groups the opportunity to experience urban destinations through fascinating concept tours combining local-cuisine tastings and interesting points of interest. Featured on an easily navigated map, our bite Tours bring to life the stories of the people and the places behind the bites, and turns the 2-3 hours tour into...

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  •  Deploying the latest technologies Payzday is able to create unprecedented visibility into the risk level of merchants selling on marketplaces. Payzday goes much further than analyzing and predicting merchant behavior during the onboarding process analyzing past data. Payzday provides continuous monitoring to predict in near real time any unlawful, risky, or unstable situation of the...

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  • Content owners want to know their Viewers.  They wish to Engage & Manage their Viewers community on their own platform and not on Facebook... Livengage brings the solution with a unique Product and a great platform.Livengage website 

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  • A unique technology that enables scanning of any Internet site and giving information about performance, security, etc. while comparing to competing sites.Reflectiz website

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